quinta-feira, maio 10, 2007

Lovers Carnival

In the constant movement of planets, Mars and Venus came together.

Venus noticed the gentle coppered skin of Mars.
And Mars couldn't stop looking to the perfect body of Venus.

So, they fell madly in love with each other
And then lived happily forev...
such a beautiful story, don't you think?

So, that's when the orbits of these two lovers started to go apart.
And someone new came into the novel... Earth.

Earth became a good friend of Mars and Venus.
But, since the beginning, Earth had a huge crush on Mars...
And, as Venus went apart, they started a secret relationship.

Earth and Mars had a great time together.
Forgotten feelings were raised again in Mars's mind
And new ones fulfilled Earth's soul...

But it didn't take too long for Venus to understand what was happening.
She got a little bit mad, but Venus knew Earth wasn't a threat.
"Time will make him go away..." - she thought.

And it was correct. As time went by, Earth's orbit took him far apart from Mars.
Finally, the two lovers came back together…

Even so, sometimes Earth could see the beautiful smile of Mars in the distance.
And Mars could hear the beautiful chanting of Earth’s seas.

So tell me, why all planets just don’t keep themselves into their own orbits
and don't go mess other planet's lives?
What will happen when the time of Earth and Mars approaching will come again?

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Blogger Firefly sentiu...

Fantástico.... WOW

17 junho, 2007 14:25  

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